my academics & schooling

Edward TJ Brown went to school in the multi-cultural community of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from 1983 - 1995.  After the 9th grade, Brown spent two years at a private high school in Colorado, before graduating from the DOD American Bahrain High School in 1998. 


After graduating from high school, Brown relocated to the State of Minnesota where he began to pursue a triple, undergraduate degree in history, political science and pre-law.  In 2001, Brown ran for Moorhead mayor, coming in fourth place out of five candidates (see cover story in the Fargo Forum).


As student, Brown was active in the Student Senate (elected several times), took part in Anti-Racism and Anti-Homophobia Training sessions and formed three student organizations, MSUM Friends of Democracy, MSUM N.O.R.M.L and MSUM Hillel. Alas, Brown did not finish his undergraduate degree and hopes to be able to return to college.


He also became a member of the Political Science Honor Society and was a frequent contributor to the MSUM Advocate newspaper, the Fargo High Plains Reader and the Fargo Forum.