my campaign for moorhead city mayor (2001) should i run for office again?

In Jan 2001, a government report was published outlining the frequent lack of equal opportunity for racial minorities in Moorhead, Minnesota.  This report prompted me to run for Moorhead City mayor in an effort to campaign for civil rights, affordable housing and a strong defense of civil liberties.  I wanted to do the following things, if elected;


  1. Give the Moorhead Human Rights Commission more authority to enforce State and Local Human Rights (equal opportunity) rules;
  2. Promote more affordable housing; and
  3. Support such things as the re-legalization of marijuana and the abolishment of the Electoral College.

My basic campaign strategy was to form an electoral coalition of local college students, people of color, labor interests, poor people, disabled people and the LGBTQ community that would take me all the way to City Hall.  Needless to say, I did not win and was probably not taken too seriously by the press or the two major candidates, Mark Voxland (who won the election) and Tom Holtgrewe.


Oh, well.  Both of the main candidates seemed like perfectly nice people and none of the five candidates on the ballot engaged in any sort of hateful or obnoxious negative attacks. The issues that I raised -- civil rights, affordable housing and coalition building -- are still very much alive and well in local and legislature elections.


I have thought about running for a public office again someday.  I could run for a seat in the State legislature or even Congress.  Maybe city council or school board.  If you think that it is good idea, then maybe you want to serve on my campaign committee