what i dislike about the far right...

+ I believe that America is the greatest nation on the planet, but not without its challenges.

+ I believe that America needs a strong military, but not the world's policemen.

+ I believe in respecting the entire Bill of Rights, including the separation between church and state the right to privacy.

+ I believe that capitalism is essential to a free and democratic society, but I reject the anarchistic ideas of Ayn Rand as well as the notion that corporations are people.

+ I believe that freer trade policies should be a reward for free nations.

+ I believe that abortion is not something to celebrate, but that criminal sanctions will not create a society that respects life. 

+ I believe that we need to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.  in particular I think that we should re-legalize marijuana and rethink how we deal with other so-called victimless crimes.

+ I believe that citizens have the right to vote and run for elected office, even if they are poor or Black or voting for a candidate I may not support.

+ I believe in the Equal Rights Amendment and that people ought to determine for themselves the sex that they want to date, marry and live as.

+ I believe that the far right has its own version of political correctness/cancel culture that I find to be just as annoying as when it is done by the far left.

+ I believe that people have a right to health care, to housing, to education, to clean water and nutritious food.

+ I believe that cultural diversity is positive part of the American way of life.  That immigration -- on the whole -- is a good thing and that we need a sane immigration policy.

+ I believe that science is real.