On abortion & the prolife industry

I enjoy reading Roxane Salonen commentaries and would agree that abortion is almost always unjust.

Yet, the only foreseeable way that abortion would come up through the school board is through sex education. This brings me to my first beef with the pro-life industry—it is largely run by people who oppose comprehensive sex education.

When used properly and consistently used, birth control and condoms are highly effective in preventing disease and abortion. It does so without having to throw the proverbial book at people. Yet, many people in the pro-life industry insist upon abstinence-only sex education because it is politically correct to the religious right.

My second beef with the pro-life industry is that tends to be run by people who think that you can honor human life, without honoring justice.

We cannot hope to live in a nation where the sanctity of human life is honored, without celebrating the fact that human life features a wide range of different races, colors, creeds, nationalities, abilities, sexes and sexual orientations.

You cannot be pro-life and be anti-gay. You cannot preach about the sanctity of human life, while turning a blind eye to the fact that many unborn Americans will, as adults, face harsh burdens in the free exercise of their right to vote and to be a candidate.

Human life will not be sacred in a society that treats abortion as a social problem but treats hunger and the high incarceration of Black men solely as a personal problem.

Human life will not be sacred in a society that treats abortion as murder but doesn't believe that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.

Human life will not be sacred as long as large numbers of people within the society worry about whether or not they can afford such pleasantries as food, water, education, health care and housing.

But does the pro-life industry want human life to be sacred? I think not. I think that much of this industry is pro-birth, not pro-life.

They will insist, perhaps at gunpoint, that every baby conceived is born, but they are not quite as insistent that everyone born is free and equal. Deep down even the most passionate defender of the pro-life industry knows this to be true.