on Political Choice


Letter: Political choices should be free of persecution

Alexandria Echo Press newspaper

 Feb 12th 2021 - 2pm.


To the editor:


I am disheartened to read that Republican party voters fear persecution because of their political choice. Let's do something about it.


The Founding Fathers tended to dislike the idea of political parties. They imagined elections whereby noble legislators were not influenced by any one party.


Today, we know that political parties are a fundamental component of regular, free and fair elections.


Yet, our federal Constitution does not expressly protect the right of citizens to make political choices.


I suggest that we add a simple amendment to the Constitution that reads, "Equality of rights under the law

shall not be denied or abridged on the account of political party membership."


Let us work together to secure the right of all Americans to make political choices free of persecution.


Eddie Brown


Parkers Prairie, MN